Pumpkin Patch 2020

Pumpkin Patch 2020, a Hickey tradition

pumpkin patch 2020

Pumpkin Patch 2020

Pumpkin patch is a long standing Hickey tradition! It is usually held on the cafeteria patio for students to visit and purchase pumpkins in the days leading up to Halloween.

Covid can’t keep us down! Introducing pumpkin patch, version 2020. In the near future, your amazing Pumpkin Patch chair will be bringing 600 mini pumpkins to Hickey!!

Ms. Ibarra will incorporate the pumpkins in an art lesson for face to face students to paint and take home. We will be creating paint kits and scheduling a pumpkin pick up for our school@home kiddos. Stay tuned for time and date info!

Horray! So fun! All made possible in part by membership dues. Become a part of our PTA and help us to continue to bring fun things such as this to our kiddos! Joinpta.org

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